2012 London Olympics

Because i’m from Romania..i want to congratulate Alina Dumitru for winning the silver medal at Judo.We’re proud of you Alina 🙂


Personally..i admire all the countries. They all worked so hard just to be there. They deserve our respect 🙂 Everyone IS working so hard to win medals and everyone IS great there 🙂


I support everyone,but ofc..i support Romania’s team more because ..again..i’m from Romania and i’m very proud of them 🙂 I’m sure you are very proud of your country too and you support your contry team more than you support the others 🙂

Btw..GREAT CEREMONY last night 🙂 It was brilliant! Absolutely BRILLIANT! Mr Bean funny like always..but the part with The Queen when she jumped off the helicopter?That was AMAZING! 😀 (She didn’t jump for real,right?right??).And not just that..the moments were absolutely amazing:) I was overwhelmed watching the ceremony..really 🙂 Great show.


Don’t forget to watch the Olympics..and don’t forget to watch the closing ceremony..One Direction will perform there „What Makes You Beautiful” 🙂

 Love you all 🙂               

Ana 🙂 xx             


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