KCA’s Guys!

Hey! I have not been online for..a while,but i’m here now. The boys need us for the KCA’s 🙂 Vote for them here : http://kca.nick.co.uk/vote#category:Favourite_Music_Group ,kay?

Owh,and by the way..Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! 🙂

I promise i’ll try to make some more time to post stuff here like the old days 🙂 Pinkie promise!

Love you guys! And pleaase vote for the boys! 🙂



Ana 🙂 xx             


2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,100 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 4 years to get that many views.

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Heyy Guys!

Sorry i didn’t post new articles here 😦 Highschool is kinda killing me and Bianca.. But don’t worry! Soon we’ll have holiday 😉 And more time to post news,imagines and photos.. 😀

Sorry again for everything 😦 We’ll make it up soon,i promise ❤

Good luck if you have exams or tests .. 😉

Ana 🙂 xx               

Special Imagine for Maria(With Harry) :)

You were casually walking to your work and you saw a paper on the ground and it catches your attention so you bent down and took it. You saw that there was a number on it. You were a curious girl so when you went home, you search the owner of the number. It was Harry Styles. You think that it was maybe another guy named Harry Styles. You decided to call him.

You: Hey..

Harry: Hey? Who’s talking?

You: I’m Maria… I was walking, this morning, and I saw a paper and your number was written on it so I caled you..

Harry: Well thank you! A chance you found it or I would be in so much trouble!

You: Just a question.. Are you like the Harry Styles in One Direction?

Harry: Yeah it’s me!

You: OMG! Really!

Harry: Yeah! And I want to thank you so I give you VIP concert ticket for tomorrow’s show.. Do you want them?


Harry: Haha! Well see you tomorrow!

You: sure!

You said and he hung up. Your hands were still shaking. You couldn’t believe your eyes! You didn’t had tickets because your parents thinks that it was too expensive. You didn’t slept this night because you were too much excited.

*the next morning*

You put your best clothes and went to the place where they were doing the concert. You texted Harry and he came to search you outside.

Harry: Hey pretty! Nice to meet you!

He plent a kiss on your cheek.

You: Nice to meet you too!

You said and you blushed harder. You were talking with and few minutes later the boys came and you talked with them too. It was the best day of your entire life! You finally saw 1D backstage and you met them and talked to them! It was amazing! 🙂


Harry: Excuse us,boys.

You:What are you doing?

Harry: I couldn’t ask you out with all the lads..

You were in shock.What now?You started to blush more and more..You actually thought you looked like a tomato in those moments..

Harry:So..Maria?Do you wanna go out with me?I mean..you might be busy..or..i don’t know..But please,give me an answer..

You: Of course i want to..but let’s take it easy , okay?

Harry : If this is what you want,i respect your decision. Soo..Nando’s,a chic restaurant,a cafeteria?

You: We’ll see.

You said and then you kissed his cheek. He looked at you and then he started to lean closer to you..CLoser and closer..You thought he’s gonna kiss you.. When he was closer enough..he kissed your nose.

Harry: You said you want to take it easy..so this is how i take it easy.

He smiled with his teeth,and the he started to laugh. He took your hand and you two went back to the lads.

Niall : Owh..so that’s you wanted to be excused..i see you little flirty Harold.

Harry:Don’t call me Harold !

All the lads and you : Harooold!

He started to laugh and the he hugged you. He whispered something in yor ear about tomorrow morning…

*next morning*

You: Moom!

No answer.
You went to see who was knocking at your door..It was Harry.

You: How do you know where i stay?

Harry : I brought you back home yesterday..

You:Oowh..i forgot.

You both laughed the you invited him in. He bought eggs,milk and flour..butter and other things..

You: What are you doing with all these things?

Harry: Pancakes!!

To be continued(yes..there is a part 2 😛 ) …

Sper ca ti-a placut..si-mi cer scuze daca a fost lame..sau nu ti-a placut 😦 am incercat sa dau tot ce am mai bun..

3 VMA’s for our INCREDIBLE boys :) Congrats @onedirection !

Soo..last night i watched the VMA’s . I saw Katy Perry,Taylor Swift,Drake,Rihanna and other big artists. The best part of the show was..well..i have 3 fave parts..1.The boys won at the most share-worthy video 🙂 2.The boys performed One Thing(and it was absolutely amazing!!) aand 3.The boys won The best pop Video and the best new artist 😀 *eeeeep*

They were shaking..they were nervous.. They truly deserve all the rewards they have and they’ll get in time 🙂 They did it.


And i want to than them a lot for dedicating the awards to us. It means a lot.Really. You guys made me,us (Every single Directioner) proud like hell last night! And not just last night..you’re making us proud every single day!

Congrats boys! I’m so happy for you 🙂


                                                                              With loveeeeee,                        

                                                                              Ana 🙂 xx          

Happy Birthday Daddy Direction! :)


Yaaaay! Our daddy direction is turning 19 today! Happy Birthday our beloved Liam!


I wish you the best and i’m parying everyday for you to get what you want and wish cause you are the kindest,greatest,sweetest and the most adorable person in this world!

Now  you have two kidneys(which is absolutely amazing and we’re very very very very veryyyy happy for you) .. Take care of them! Hey..have you ever thought to name your kidneys..?That would be funny! I mean.. when i was little i used to name my teeth..but i don’t remember all the names right now .. And i guess you can name them too. 🙂 Yeah..it sounds crazy..i know..but you could try 😀


You are very important to me..to us..The 1D family 🙂 I’m praying everyday to get a chance to meet you and the lads..You are my inspiration..and of course..A big part of my life 🙂 You changed my life. You changed it all! When i feel down..i listen to your songs..and ..everything’s better after that. I feel protected and loved.. and i know you guys love us. We can feel it 🙂 And yeah..we’re sometimes annoying..i know..and i’m sorry.. but we’re just trying to get your attention..Because you mean everything to us..

And again i’m sorry that we can’t stop all the haters..We’re trying everyday..we’re defending you.. But don’t worry..someday..we’ll stop them all. They won’t ever send you hate again. We promise..Pinkie promise actually 😀

So..that’s what i wanted to say. I wish you again a Very Very Very Happy Birthday! We will always be by your side. I love you Daddy Direction! You’re the only daddy i ever had…and i truly love you for taking care ,defending  and loving us!


                  With love,

Ana 🙂 xx