Part 2

„June..wake up..”
„Noo!”i said and then i put my pillow on my face.
I hit her with the pillow and i turned on another side.
„Oooh no you just not did that!!” Lola said while she started to move something in her bag,which was next to my bed. What she’s about to do?!She’s evil..She has an evil mind..i have to get up!!I rolled over my bed and fell off,then i jumped on my feet with a dizzy look on my face.
„I’m awake!I’m awake!”
„Hahahah! Good! I’m glad cause i could catch that thing on camera „
„Damn it..”
„Ok..get dressed and go to eat something.The test is one hour..”
„Whoaa! One hour? But in one hour i have to meet up with Niall to change the suitcases..”
„So..what you’re gonna do?”
„I think that i’ll give you the’ll put it in our cabin..I’ll go and get Niall. I think 5 minutes won’t kill him,right?”

After that i went downstairs and ate something,then i took the suitcase and went to the bus station. It’s hard not to attract attention when you have a big,red suitcase with you on the street..I had luck ’cause the place where i have to meet up with Niall was not too far from my dance school.

We got off the bus,Lola went straight to the school and i went to meet Niall. He was standing there,with Zayn and they were probably looking for a girl with a big,red thing ..I was starting to blush when i got closer to them..
„Hey!You’re the girl with the suitcase,right?”
„I prefer June..”
„It’s nice to meet you!” Zayn said with a big smile on his face like always.
„Look..I have your suitcase in my cabin at my dance school..but i have a very important test! Can you please wait just 10 minutes..please?”
„Of course babe..Let’s go.We don’t want you to lose your test!”
„Thank you!!”

Zayn’s P.O.V.

We took a sit and waited for the audition to end. Niall was looking at June all the time..I think he starts to like her. Me on the other hand..i was looking at some girls .They weren’t as hot as i am..But i saw a girl..She was very cute..She was cuter than me..I have to speak with her..
„Hey! I’m Zayn!”
„Obviously! Haha..I’m Lola. Nice to meet you!”
„’re a dancer too?”
„No..I’m just standing here ..I don’t have what to do home..and i thought that it would be nice to stay in the middle of a room full of dancers!”
„So you’re a dancer..Haha..Sorry..It’s too obvious..aand i’m acting like a fool right now..”
„’re not! You’re cute..But don’t ask again something that’s obvious haha!”
Niall’s P.O.V.

This girl..June..I think she’s a fan too.Maybe she got my suitcase just to meet me..It’s weird and i’m sick of this. I want to be treated like a normal boy..even if i’m not..But it’s just how i feel.
I waited till she finished her dance , i left Zayn with a girl..and i went straight to June.
„Thanks for waiting me! It means a lot!”
„Great..Whatever. Have you done this just to meet me?Have you sold my stuff? Have you called the paparazzi? Tell me!”
„Excuse me?”
„You heard me! Tell me what have you done! I’m sick of this stupid thing about fame! I’m always stalked by crazy fans..”
„Do you have my suitcase or not?”
„I do! And i’d be glad to hit you with it,but i won’t do it beacuse it’s not good and i’m not like that!”
„Excuse me?!”

She hasn’t replied.She turned her back,got my suitcase,gave it to me with tears in her eyes and then she wanted to close the door..
„Go away!”
„I didn’t mean it! June!”

Ok..i have to learn how to think before to speak..She’s crying because of me..Ohh.God..I’m so stupid! She was good with me..and i was such a fool..
I saw the girl who talked with Zayn earlier. She came next to me and she wanted to enter in the cabin,but the door was locked. She heard June crying..She turned around at me with a strange,worried look on her face..
„What have you done?!Why is she crying?!”



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