Part 1

„Dear Diary,

I’m so excited! I still can’t belive that they accepted me to that school in London!Finally ! I’m gonna be again with my bestfriend Lola! I missed her a lot..and since she left i trained for that dance school..I’ll see if i’ll resist there..I have to try,right?
Less then 20 minutes till i’ll walk on Royal ground!

Aaaaaah!  xx ’’

I put on my seat belt and i got prepared for the landing.In the waiting room i’ll see Lola and i bet she’s excited too. God! I’m in London!London!
We landed,i went to get my suitcase..And i was shocked..There were more red suitcases than i thought..I grabed the one that i thought it was mine and i started to run to the waiting room.
„June!!  ’’   i heared Lola. „You little cute leprechaun!I missed you a lot!”
„Lolaa!I’m not a leprechaun!I forgot my pot of gold  home…”
„Ooh..i missed you so so much you little irish girl!”
„So you think that if you live here for a year you can go out with prince William and his wife?”
„Shut uup!”she said while laughing.

We took a taxi beacuse Lola is too afraid to learn how to drive..and i couldn’t get my car with we needed a taxi..
I couldn’t get out of my mind the thought that i have the wrong suitcase..but maybe i’m  not right.How could i get the wrong suitcase? I started to look at everything that was on the Big everything because it was totally amazing!
In like 30 minutes  we were ..home. I saw a small,cute house..That’s gonna  be my home now.I was a bit sad,but then i rembered that i’m here to make my dreams come true!

Lola showed me the little palace..she showed me my room..It was brilliant! Well..the bed wasn’t as big as i thought..but it was comfortable. I started to unpack..I noticed a strange thing..My suitcase wasn’t locked with a clover zipper..Then i realised..
„What the..” i started to say when i saw ..a pair of boy underwear.

Lola’s P.O.V.

I made some sandwiches for June..maybe she’s hungry. I went upstairs and i saw her in front of her suitcase with a strange look on her face.
„What happened?”
„Look at this..”she said and then she showed me a pair of boy underwear.
„’re not wearing that,right?”
„Lola..i really like to wear boy underwear in my free time!It’s like my new hobby!No!! This is not my suitcase !!”
„How could you get the wrong suitcase..seriously? But who owns it?”
„I don’t know..but i found this familiar red T-shirt..and some fanboo..Wait a minute..”she said and then she looked at her phone..probably at a photo.
„It’s..Niall’s suitcase..”
„Niall Horan? From One Direction?Are you sure?”
„Yes Lola!Yes!Just look at this stuff!How could i get his suitcase..maybe he was in the same plane like me..”
„Send him a message.”
„Yeah..I’ll use my superpower to send messages with just my mind!Seriously Lola!How can i send him a message?!”
„Errmm..Use Twitter.”
„Well..that’s relevant..”
„Of course it is!!”

I opened my computer..and then she looked over Niall’s twitter..

Niall’s P.O.V.

Okay..i don’t remeber why i have girl lingerie in my suitcase..and i can’t remember since when i wear skinny jeans or bikini.. Hope i wasn’t that drunk..i mean..Come on.This can’t be my suitcase..I can’t find the fanbooks..and this suitcase hasn’t my clover zipper..

„Liaaam!” i called out .
„Come here!” i said and when he came into my room i showed him the lingerie.
„Whoaa !Niam Niam..but not like this!Hope you don’t want me to tell you how it fits you,right?”
„Whoa no! No no!”
„Then what ? I was watching Toy Story 3..”
„This is not my suitcase! In this suitcase is just girl stuff!”

I opened my computer and tweeted something..
„Hey..It’s not that i don’t like to have girl lingerie in my room..But i’d like to hav my suitcase back..Soo..The girl who took it..can ya please bring it back to me?”

After 5 minutes i checked my mentions..”Follow me Niall!” „I love you Niall!Can you please follow me?”..just ordinary requests..but wait..i saw something..
„It’s not that i don’t like to wear your clothes..But if i wear them on the street..i really think that i’m gonna get home naked because of the other fans..Maybe you’ll like it..but just so you’s a bit we please meet and change the suitcases?”
Maybe she’s joking..i have to check it..
„What’s in the suitcase you have?”
She replied „Your Calvin Klein underwear,your red famous T-shirt..some fanbooks..ooh..and a teddy looks familiar to you?”
Ouch..That girl is baaad..but i think she’s funny..
„Fine.You have my suitcase..check your DM’s ..i have to send you the adress where we’ll meet.”
I sent her the adress ,then i closed the computer and went to sleep ..

June’s P.O.V.

I noted the adress and then i went to take a shower.After that i realised that i don’t have i borrowed  one from Lola.
„’Night Lola! Big day tomorrow..”
„Yeap..But remember..Tomorrow you have one more test ..To be accepted in my we can be together.”
„Okay..i’ll remember. Good night!”
„Night irish girl!”
„Shut up..!”

After that she went to her room and closed the door. I closed mine too and then i turned off the light..I was excited for this day..but now i’m more excited for tomorrow.


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