Part 2 :)

Pfew!Finally got back at the hotel!And the guy from the reception has not closed yet!

”Hey!Good evening sir. The key for room 93 please.”

”Here it is miss. Have a good night.”

We got in the elevator..Then i realised something..

”My sketching notebook! It is still at Niall!”

” finally found out..We just said it like 10 minutes ago in the taxi..we forgot our stuff too..”

”Well i am sorry..don t kill me for not paying attention!”i said while the elevator s doors were opening.



” know that if we try to get our stuff back..they won t belive us..because tonight we were wearing masks..and maybe they won t remeber us..Just by miracle they will remember us..but that s a dream that s impossible to came true..” said Nagi and after that she covered her face with a pillow.

Suddenly i remembered something. I drew the view from our room with the Big Ben and the my sketching notebook..I took a photo..and then i posted it on my twitter account..

I talked after that with a good friend from Denmark..she asked me how s in London..what s the name of our hotel..things like that..

After a while i gave the laptop to Bianca..

”What was Marianne saying about our beautiful amazing troubles..?”

”I didn t tell her..”


”I don t want to start rumors..Yes was extremely beautiful  tonight..and i m happy that it happened. I really do want to see him again..but what are the chances? 0!”

”Yeah..i know the feeling buddie..” said Bianca with the same sad look on her face like mine..

”Heey! Cheer up! I m sure everything we ll be alright.Belive me..” said Nagi full of hope.

Niall s P.O.V

God..i really wanna meet that girl again.She was like..everything i ever wanted. And Harry and Zayn are so devastated was like love at first sight.. I looked at my mates..

”We re sad too ,man.. But we ll find them.We will.”said Zayn and then he showed a smile.

I thought of something..i took a photo of a drawing from her sketching notebook..a view with the Big Ben and covered in clouds at the dawn.

”Can you guys please found the girl who drew this?” i tweeted covered by hope.

The lads went to sleep..but i was still looking for that girl..i checked the Twitter up and down..but nothing..

After a couple of hours..a girl tweeted me something that caught my eye..

”I KNOW THE GIRL YOU RE LOOKING FOR!search for @annmarie094 and you ll fine there what you re looking for 🙂 xx”

This is real? Hope it is.. I checked her profile..she tweeted like 30 minutes ago a photo..the same view..but it was taken when the night was out..

”Where can i find her?!”

She gave me the adress..and i runned into the lads bedroom.

”I FOUND THEM!”i shouted.

”What?”asked Harry with a sleepy voice and then he realised what i said.

”Let s go!!”

”Are you insane? It s 3 am! Do you want to freak them out by showing at their door at 3 am in the morning?Seriously man?”said Zayn with a scared look.

”Okay okay..maybe at 8 am?”

”9 am.”

”8.30 am!” i said my last offer.

”Fine!Now go to sleeeeeep!”shouted Harry.



Ana s P.O.V

I woke up with someone knocking at our door. I was in my shorts and large red least i wasn t in a full of hearts and flowers pajama like Nagi and Bianca..

I opened the door and i was shocked too se that Niall,Zayn and Harry were in front of my eyes. I felt like i needed to jump on Niall to hug did I .

He was holding me closer..

”I found you” he said and then he started to hold me tighter.

”You did.”

”What s your name..cause you kept it as a secret..”

”Ana..and there s Nagi and Bianca..Nice to meet you!” i said with a childish voice. ”Zayn..Bianca is the one with flower power pajama..and Harry..the one full of hearts is Nagi!”

Zayn layed down near Bianca s bed..

”Wake up beautiful..” he said with a sweet..soft voice.

She opened her eyes..she fainted ,she  covered her mouth with her hands after that quickly..then she fell off the bed,..on Zayn. She hugged him with passion..then he kissed her forehead.. sweet.

Nagi was a little more calm..She opened her eyes..She saw Harry..she smiled at him..Harry took her hand and kissed it. She looked at him again..and then she fell asleep ..again. Yeah..great job Nagi..Harry s kissing your hand..and you decide it s time to sleep..

So..this is how we met..And we re truly in love with them..We see the 2 times every month..we skype every day..we text each other every night..and we spend our holidays with them..on tour or in London or in my case..Ireland..

We will join them in 2 years..when we ll attend college.

Life truly love us,right?yeaaah.. 🙂


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