Part 4

Niall’s P.O.V
I was sitting on the sofa,with some snacks and i was watching „The Notebook”,thinking of June.. She’s so sweet and funny..and i was such a fool. What was on my mind? always..of course.
„’re watching..The Notebook?!” i heared Zayn and then i turned around to look at him.
„No..This monkey is a good dancer,don’t you think? Yeah Zayn! don’t need glasses. Yes..i’m watching The Notebook.”
„ watch this movie only when you’re… Ooh..i understand now..Liam! Come here!” Zayn screamed .
„What happened Zayn..i was watching something in my room..”
„Look what Niall’s doing!”
„Niall! Aaw..”
„Whaaaat?!” i asked them annoyed.

June’s P.O.V.

I opened the TV, i took my cup of tea with me on the sofa and i started to change the channels. Terrible accident..New president..Niall and his new girlfriend..Zayn enjoying the roller coaster that is life with his girlfriend.. Queen’s Birthday gift..WHOA! What?!
„Lola! Come here!”
„Look!” i said and then i showed her the news..
„Zayn’s new what?!”
„Girlfriend..whoaa..that’s nice!”
„Shut up! They said that you’re Niall’s girlfriend..soo..!”
„Yeah..that’s pretty weird..”
„Let’s call them!”

*After  minutes*
„So..they said that we are a couple?” Niall asked me.
„Yeap..i mean..Pff..We have taken lunch as friends,right?”
„Yeah..Pff..Of course!”

Lola looked at me with an annoyed look on her face,but then she continued her conversation with the boys.

„So..we’re going to record some new songs..And we’d like to have you two with us!” Zayn said with his sweet voice.
„We’d like to come!”
„Okay..we’re picking you in about two hours. It’s okay?”
„Perfect. See ya then !”
„Okay,bye girls!”
After we hang up..we started to jump around,happy and excited. I think the furniture don’t like Lola..because she hit her foot ..
„I think we have to control ourselfs..”
„You think?!” she replied while she was checking her foot to see if it has something..but it was okay.

We got dressed,made our hair and then waited for the boys to come.
Someone was at the door. I went to open it and let them in. All of them..were there.In front of us..
I can still remember the days when me and Lola stayed outside,on a bench in the park..And talked about them,made imagines with them and laughed at every single thing that they did and it was funny. Now,they’re standing in our kitchen,laughing and talking with us..I’m so happy..and proud of us..cause we made our dreams come true.

„Hey! I’m June and she’s Lola! It’s really nice to meet you all!”
„Heyy! You’re the girl who discovered Niall’ know. And about you..Lola..Zayn can’t stop tallkin’ about you! It’s nice to meet you two !” Liam said with a big smile on his face.
„Yeah..haha! So..we’re going to the studio?” Lola asked them excited.
„Yeap. Let’s go!”

Lola’s P.O.V.

I was standing between Zayn and Louis,June was standing between Niall and Harry, and Liam was standing on the first seat,next to Paul,who was driving.

„ like the teddy big bear?”Zayn asked me with a big smile on his face.
„He’s okay! It’s a good pillow..just so you know..”
„You’re serious?” said Louis with a strange look on his face.
„Yeap,i’m serious!”
„You like to cook?”
„Sometimes..but that’s why June’s living with me..”
„I heared that!” June shouted from the back seat.
„I know you heared it.”

After that..everyone continued their conversations.. June was speaking with Niall about how to play the guitar..and he tryed to help her to learn. She was blushing again and again when he was touching her hand.

I giggled a bit,and then i looked at Zayn,who was looking at my ring. He took my hand and then he started to analyse it. I was feeling butterflyes in my tummy..I started to blush like hell. He noticed me and he smiled.

In like one hour we were in front of the studio. We got off the car and stayed a bit outside till we wanted to go inside. I saw a pigeon.. and i thought..
„’re still looking for Kevin?”
„Beacause Kevin it’s right there!” shouted June.
„Keviiiiiiiin!” we screamed and then we started to run after that bird.

I think the bird has more brain than us at the same time..


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