Part 3

Lola’s P.O.V.

I can’t belive what he did..I want to slap  him as hard as i can!! Now..June is crying,the door is locked and i don’t know what can i do.. Niall was looking at me with a guilty look on his face..
„I..I didn’t want..” he started and then tears were streaming down his face.
„Why is she crying?Just tell me Niall..”
„I was..But i didn’t..Damn it! I’m sorry!”
„You know how to speak?”i asked him annoyed.
„Then prove me!!Tell me why is she crying.”
„Look..i was a fool..and i thought that she might be a crazy fan who keept my stuff..or sold it..And i asked her that..Then she started to cry..I’m so sorry..”
„How could you say that?!You don’t even know her! You don’t have any right to judge her! This girl respects you more than anything!This girl who’s crying her eyes out in there..Loves you more than anything!She always defended you even if you didn’t even know about her existence! I’m gonna say something that will probably shock you..You’re insane!!”
„It doesn’t shock me at all..i know that i am..”
„Seriously Niall…”
„I’m sorry!I’m so sorry! I don’t know what to do now..I feel terrible!Terrible!!”
„Just already destroied her day..She thought that this day will be special..I couldn’t say to her that she passed the test..”

Zayn’s P.O.V.

After 10 that room..I started to search for Niall. He was standing in front of a cabin..with Lola and June. Lola seemed to be angry..and Niall was crying while he was speaking with June.
„Should i ask what happened?”
„You should not..right now is a very inappropiate moment..” Lola said with a worried look on her face.
„June! Seriously..I’m so sorry! I was so stupid..Please..forgive me!”
„I don’t know..”
„Pleasee!Please! Let me make it up,please! Let’s take lunch together..give me the chance to know you and i’ll promise you won’t be dissapointed! And if Lola will let me get to know you..”
„Lola?! Why Lola? She’s not my mom..Lola..what have you done..?”
„Okay..he’s lucky cause he’s still here..I wanted so hard to slap him..”
„Gosh..! Okay Niall..We’ll take lunch together..I’m sorry cause i made you cry..”
„After all i did..I have to apologize for 3 weeks..Not you..”
„No,really..I’m sorry..”
„I’m sorry too.. But..we’ll talk more in 2 hours..while we’re gonna eat,right?”
„Right! See ya later ..”
„Whoa whoa whoa! Niall! I gave you time to speak with June..Let me speak with Lola!!”
„Okay okay..sorry mate..”
„So..if they’re taking lunch want to go with me in the park..?”
„Hmm…interesting offer..”
„Okay..but you have to buy me popcorn!”
„See ya then!Bye”
„Bye girls!”


Lola’s P.O.V

After 5 hours spent in the park..i finally got home. He drove me back home,he took my number and then he kissed my cheek. I waited for him to get in the car and then i started to jump around and sing and dance..i was so happy! After that i went in my room to change in something more comfortable..
In like half an hour i heared a car in front our house,i went at the window and i saw Niall with June. They were still talking,then he took her hand and she kissed his cheek.. He turned around,and she came in.
„What are you doing here?”
„Some exercices..why?”
„In front of the door?”
„The living room was too..full of furniture..”
„Ermm..Have you tried Gym?”
„Too much people there..”
„It’s a public Gym ,Lola! You were spying me!”
„Fine..i was spying you..”
„Because you were so sweet together!!”
„Really?” she started to blush.
„There was nothing on TV,right?”
„You know me so well..hahah!But are so cute together..!!!”

After that ..she saw the big teddy bear from Zayn..

„Is it from Zayn?”
„Aaaw!It’s so cutee! And it’s so fluffy!”
„You know what else is fluffy?”i asked her with an evil smile.
„This pillow!!”
„Pillow fight!!!!”



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