Niall and Zayn imagine <3<3



We’re Ana(or June) and Bianca(Lola or Shailla) . In case you didn’t notice,we love One Direction and that’s why we call ourselfs Directioners. They are..our life. We love them all,but we imagine us with Zayn and Niall..and that’s why we are Shailla Malik and June Horan..well,just in our minds of course. Maybe Bianca will beat me when she’ll see this post ‘cause she’s an artistic type..i am too! But now i don’t want to describe in shinny,pompous words how much we love them. We love to make imagines,to talk about them sing their songs and to defend them.

So..this is us. We won’t change,we’re gonna love them and we’re gonna be Directioners forever..because the One Direction Infection is in our blood.

Love, Bianca and June


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