Part 1

„Have you got everything?”

„Yes!It’s the third time you ask,Ana!”

„Okay,okay!If you’ll forget’s not my fault!Remember that!”

„Can we go now?We’ll lose the plane!”said Nagi annoyed by my habit to check everything over and over again.

„Okay..let’s go then.”


We arrived at the hotel,we called our parents because i’m sure they were very worried about us.After that we went for a walk in the centre of London.

After a while,a guy,not very tall,but still cute,with a familiar look ,stopped in front of us with a big smile:

„Hey!I don’t know what brought me here..the noise you make or the look you have?I thing the second one.”

„Emm..thanks..i guess”

„Awkward..”i heard Bianca whispering behind my back.

„Tonight is a big party.More like a masqarade..but a modern one.And i  think that you three should totally be there.So keep these invitations because i really want you there,okay?”

„Got it! Thanks!”said Nagi with an excited look on her face.

After that..i started to remember..that guy..That’s why he was so familiar..Josh Devine!Josh Devine invited us to a party London!

„Josh Devine!”


„Josh Devine invited us to a big party!Josh Devine! The drummer from One Direction!”i screamed excited.

„Are you serious?!”asked Nagi confused like always.

„Yeah Nagi! I’m serious!”

„Well..i think we should go get some dresses,right?And masks too!”said Bianca  with an overwhelmed look.

I bought a red,cute dress with a black and red mask and some black shoes.I made my hair and i started to put some things in my purse.


Bianca bought a purple dress with a black and purple mask and black sandals.Like me..after that she started to arrange some things.


Nagi got a dark blue dress,with a black mask and black shoes.She got her purse prepared and we decided it’s time to go to the party!



„Remember..we have to get back at the hotel before the midnight!”

„Why? We’re the Cinderellas in a morden version or what?”

„No,Nagi!At midnight they close the reception!”


„We have to let the key there because i don’t want to lose it at the party!”said Bianca annoyed by Nagi’s questions.


„At  11.30 we’ll meet at the entrance,okay?”



„Then..let’s go!”

Music was so loud..everybody was dancing,everybody was wearing great dresses and suits..a lot of masks..Wow..what if this is a movie?What are we gonna do??Anyway..that would be amazing!

We found Josh at the entrance..he was checking the invitations.

„Thanks for inviting us,Josh!It’s amazing!”I said with a big smile on my face.

„No problem!Glad you came! Now go and have fun!”

„We will! Thanks!”said Bianca excited and after that she ran to the dance floor.

„See ya later girls! I’m on my own now!”i said and after that i ran off the dance floor.

„Yeap!I’m on my own too! See ya!”

„Well..i guess..i’m alone here..”said Bianca in the centre of the dance floor.

She looked around.She saw a tall guy,looking at her with a lovely,charming look..and she went straight to him..She figured out who he was..

I saw a blonde guy,in a suit that fits him brilliantly.He was eating some cupcakes. I went to take one,but before..i asked him:

„It’s okay if i take one?”

He turned around and looked at me with his gorgeous blue eyes.

„Of course beautiful!You can take all of them if you want..”

„Really? want just one..or two..”

Yeap..He’s totally Niall.

Nagi started to dance after a while with a cute,curly guy .He was smiling without stopping ..i guess he was flirting with her..Nagi was flirting with him as well..why?Because her crush was standing in front of her..actually..her crush was dancing with her!


We talked a lot..we laughed..we flirted..

Zayn and Bianca were talking about music..and they started to listen to music on Bianca’s MP3..Nagi was talking with Harry about a book that she took with her in case she would get bored..and I was talking with Niall about food..and drawings.He started to look in my little sketching notebook.I took it with me..just like case i would get bored..But after that..i looked at the clock..

„It’s already 11.45??I have to go!”I said and after that i grabed my purse and i ran towards Bianca and Nagi.

„We have to go! It’s late!Let’s go find a taxi!”i yelled.

They started to run after us..but they couldn’t stop us..We got in a taxi..and they were looking after the car..with this thought in their minds..and the Mp3,the book and the sketching notebook in their hands..

„Who are these girls?”


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