Heyy Guys!

Sorry i didn’t post new articles here 😦 Highschool is kinda killing me and Bianca.. But don’t worry! Soon we’ll have holiday 😉 And more time to post news,imagines and photos.. 😀

Sorry again for everything 😦 We’ll make it up soon,i promise ❤

Good luck if you have exams or tests .. 😉

Ana 🙂 xx               


Happy Birthday Daddy Direction! :)


Yaaaay! Our daddy direction is turning 19 today! Happy Birthday our beloved Liam!


I wish you the best and i’m parying everyday for you to get what you want and wish cause you are the kindest,greatest,sweetest and the most adorable person in this world!

Now  you have two kidneys(which is absolutely amazing and we’re very very very very veryyyy happy for you) .. Take care of them! Hey..have you ever thought to name your kidneys..?That would be funny! I mean.. when i was little i used to name my teeth..but i don’t remember all the names right now .. And i guess you can name them too. 🙂 Yeah..it sounds crazy..i know..but you could try 😀


You are very important to me..to us..The 1D family 🙂 I’m praying everyday to get a chance to meet you and the lads..You are my inspiration..and of course..A big part of my life 🙂 You changed my life. You changed it all! When i feel down..i listen to your songs..and ..everything’s better after that. I feel protected and loved.. and i know you guys love us. We can feel it 🙂 And yeah..we’re sometimes annoying..i know..and i’m sorry.. but we’re just trying to get your attention..Because you mean everything to us..

And again i’m sorry that we can’t stop all the haters..We’re trying everyday..we’re defending you.. But don’t worry..someday..we’ll stop them all. They won’t ever send you hate again. We promise..Pinkie promise actually 😀

So..that’s what i wanted to say. I wish you again a Very Very Very Happy Birthday! We will always be by your side. I love you Daddy Direction! You’re the only daddy i ever had…and i truly love you for taking care ,defending  and loving us!


                  With love,

Ana 🙂 xx

Romania Needs 1D :) Massive thank you to everysingle Directioner! :)

Last night „Romania Needs 1D” was in the world wide trends for like 3 or 4 hours thanks to our lovely Directioners from everywhere. I really want to thank you all because you helped us. It really means a lot ! And now we can hope that the lads will come in Romania too .. 🙂 And dear 1D family..everytime you need something..and you need the romanian directioners to help you,you can count on us 🙂 Because we know we can count on you 🙂 That’s a family. We are a family!


And even if the boys will not come here,in Romania, or in your country..We still have each other.. 🙂 And we’ll hope that someday they will notice us.. 🙂


A massive thank you to everysingle one of you!I love you so so so so much!


Ana 🙂 xx                       

Zayn’s Back ! *eeek* A message for Zayn and the other lads that we love! :)

I don’t know if Zayn will ever read this..but..

Zayn..Please..Don’t let the haters do that again.They are just jealous.They don’t have a big family like the 1D family to support them and to love them. They just don’t know which way to go with their life..and the decided to give hate to people who really doesn’t deserve it. You’re special and that’s why we love you. You’re a good person..We know it.And we feel it. Like everybody..you maybe did some mistakes..but who doesn’t make mistakes? 🙂


Look. I love you. WE love you. So please..everytime you feel down..and you’re sad..think of us..:) We’re here..everyday and everynight..thinking of you and the lads.. We’re supporting you..we are defending you..we get hate for doing this..But we know that you guys..love us for this..and for us..that’s all it matters. That gives us hope. That’s in our minds 24/7 ..

We love you.We truly love you. And if we can get over the haters..we’re sure that you can too 🙂


                         Ana,Bianca and Nagi 🙂 xx