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Sorry i didn’t post new articles here 😦 Highschool is kinda killing me and Bianca.. But don’t worry! Soon we’ll have holiday 😉 And more time to post news,imagines and photos.. 😀

Sorry again for everything 😦 We’ll make it up soon,i promise ❤

Good luck if you have exams or tests .. 😉

Ana 🙂 xx               


Happy Birthday Daddy Direction! :)


Yaaaay! Our daddy direction is turning 19 today! Happy Birthday our beloved Liam!


I wish you the best and i’m parying everyday for you to get what you want and wish cause you are the kindest,greatest,sweetest and the most adorable person in this world!

Now  you have two kidneys(which is absolutely amazing and we’re very very very very veryyyy happy for you) .. Take care of them! Hey..have you ever thought to name your kidneys..?That would be funny! I mean.. when i was little i used to name my teeth..but i don’t remember all the names right now .. And i guess you can name them too. 🙂 Yeah..it sounds crazy..i know..but you could try 😀


You are very important to me..to us..The 1D family 🙂 I’m praying everyday to get a chance to meet you and the lads..You are my inspiration..and of course..A big part of my life 🙂 You changed my life. You changed it all! When i feel down..i listen to your songs..and ..everything’s better after that. I feel protected and loved.. and i know you guys love us. We can feel it 🙂 And yeah..we’re sometimes annoying..i know..and i’m sorry.. but we’re just trying to get your attention..Because you mean everything to us..

And again i’m sorry that we can’t stop all the haters..We’re trying everyday..we’re defending you.. But don’t worry..someday..we’ll stop them all. They won’t ever send you hate again. We promise..Pinkie promise actually 😀

So..that’s what i wanted to say. I wish you again a Very Very Very Happy Birthday! We will always be by your side. I love you Daddy Direction! You’re the only daddy i ever had…and i truly love you for taking care ,defending  and loving us!


                  With love,

Ana 🙂 xx

Romania Needs 1D :) Massive thank you to everysingle Directioner! :)

Last night „Romania Needs 1D” was in the world wide trends for like 3 or 4 hours thanks to our lovely Directioners from everywhere. I really want to thank you all because you helped us. It really means a lot ! And now we can hope that the lads will come in Romania too .. 🙂 And dear 1D family..everytime you need something..and you need the romanian directioners to help you,you can count on us 🙂 Because we know we can count on you 🙂 That’s a family. We are a family!


And even if the boys will not come here,in Romania, or in your country..We still have each other.. 🙂 And we’ll hope that someday they will notice us.. 🙂


A massive thank you to everysingle one of you!I love you so so so so much!


Ana 🙂 xx                       

Zayn’s Back ! *eeek* A message for Zayn and the other lads that we love! :)

I don’t know if Zayn will ever read this..but..

Zayn..Please..Don’t let the haters do that again.They are just jealous.They don’t have a big family like the 1D family to support them and to love them. They just don’t know which way to go with their life..and the decided to give hate to people who really doesn’t deserve it. You’re special and that’s why we love you. You’re a good person..We know it.And we feel it. Like everybody..you maybe did some mistakes..but who doesn’t make mistakes? 🙂


Look. I love you. WE love you. So please..everytime you feel down..and you’re sad..think of us..:) We’re here..everyday and everynight..thinking of you and the lads.. We’re supporting you..we are defending you..we get hate for doing this..But we know that you guys..love us for this..and for us..that’s all it matters. That gives us hope. That’s in our minds 24/7 ..

We love you.We truly love you. And if we can get over the haters..we’re sure that you can too 🙂


                         Ana,Bianca and Nagi 🙂 xx                      


How to meet One Direction :)

Source: http://www.weekendnotes.com/how-to-meet-and-greet-one-direction/

„There’s one common dream that most Directioners share, they just want the chance to meet and greet the One Direction boys. With millions of fans all over the globe, it can sometimes seem like you’ve got a better chance of winning the lottery than you do to shake hands with or to hug Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, or Zayn.

So we’ve decided to write up a list of ways you could possibly meet the boys.


1. Win a Competition
If you’re lucky enough to find one, and then win it, this is your surefire way of meeting the lads. They’re not the most common competitions, but they do happen. One lucky Australian, Jacinta, was flown to the UK thanks to Hot30, where she got to meet them all and watch their concert.


Listen to radio shows like Nova, 2DayFM, SAFM, B105, Fox FM and 92.9 – they’re the ones most likely to be offering tickets. A competition like this will be fairly well advertised, so it’s best to check their websites regularly as well.

Magazines like Dolly and Girlfriend are also good places to check, once again both in the magazines and online. You can also check out the website Win Free Stuff to see if they have anything on their database.


2. Write to One Direction
Okay, okay, you’d have to be pretty lucky to score a meet and greet just by sending them a letter or email. The boys must get bucket loads of fan mail, and we’ll never know if they even get a chance to read it all. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

Send them a letter and let them know just how much you’d like to meet them. It won’t work for everyone, but stars definitely have visited fans before after receiving a letter that touched their heart. It could happen. The key is to be creative, but be truthful. Make your letter and your story stand out.

If that fails, write to Ellen. That lady has magic powers, maybe if you plead your case well enough you could end up meeting both One Direction and one of the best talk show hosts around.

3. Write for a Magazine or Newspaper
Given the fact that most Directioners are still in high school, this one could be a bit tricky. It’s not likely that you work at Dolly in your spare time. Even if you’re not a staff writer (props to you if you are), remember that plenty of mags use outside writers to cover specific topics.

Pick a magazine, newspaper, or TV show who are likely to interview 1D when they’re in the county and try and convince them why you should do the interview.

Here’s a tip, don’t send them a pitch that sounds anything like this:

„OMG I should ttly rite for u coz I luff 1D & I’m a Directioner for lyf”

Put a creative pitch together, and explain to them just why they should let a 14 year old interview one of the biggest bands in the world instead of their star reporter. Plenty of magazine stars have been hired thanks to their ability to show off their skills with flair, and convince someone that they have exactly what it takes.

If you can convince them it will make a great story, they just might run with it.

4. Start a Petition
There are plenty of times that One Direction have held signings, sure it may not be the chance for a long one on one chat, but it’s still a chance to meet them. Unfortunately Australia hasn’t been as lucky. So why not start a petition?

Whether it’s just creating a Facebook group, or using an actual petition website like The Petition Site. If your group starts to gain momentum, contact your local media, they seem to lap up petitions for celebrities. If you can get your petition supported by enough people it might be enough to convince One Direction to do a meet and greet in Australia.

One thing to keep in mind: If someone has already created a Facebook group, join theirs rather than making your own. Sure you might not get all the fame, but 1 group with 5000 members is a lot more impressive than 5 groups with 1000 members each.


5. Stalk in Style
If you’re lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, you could always ‘bump into’ the 1D boys. Why be a member of thousand deep screaming crowd, when you could be the girl who ‘accidentally’ crashes into Harry Styles?

If you’ve got the skills to find out where One Direction will be at anyone time, why not try and go for the accidental meet and greet?

The key is to not stand out as an overly enthusiastic Directioner. Screams and squeals while holding up an ‘I LOVE ZAYN’ sign won’t be particularly inconspicuous, and are more likely to get you shielded away by a minder. Act casually and you never know what could happen.

A word of warning: ‘accidentally’ cutting off a lock of anyone’s hair is a little bit creepy. You want a chance to meet them, not a chance to get locked up.


It can sometimes be a fine line between serious fan, and serious stalker, but there is no harm in having a dream or two. If you’ve got a combination of luck, talent, and creativity, there is every chance you could score the meet and greet you’ve always dreamed of. „

If you want to send them a letter..or an email..go on http://www.modestmanagement.com/contact-modest.php and there you’ll find the adress and the email 🙂 Say there that is for One Direction (email or letter)..and it’s done 🙂

Go on the source site and subscribe there. They made the article,i just found it 🙂


Ana 🙂 xx                               

Zayn Imagine for Sonia :)

I woke up early in the morning like always ,i went downstairs to grab something to eat and then i went back into my room . I opened my computer and i turned on my radio because my favourite radio show is about to begin. I moved the furniture a little bit ..cause i’m gonna start jumping and singing when he’ll start the show!

And it’s starting.

„Good morning,buddies!Here’s DJ Malik,just for you guys. Today we’re gonna stop on the –emotions-and-love- theme. Yeah..i know it’s a bit strange after the Star Trek theme that was yesterday..But’s it’s time to be ..more sensitive.”


I heard him laghing. I truly love his laugh..

It’s amazing..cause we’re neighbors since..i was born. We started to talk last summer..and we still talk..But we’re not texting everynight,or calling each other everyday..We’re just like „Hi” „Hey” „How are you?” „Good..sorry but i have to go..””Okay bye”..Ridiculous.


But..i still like him.His large and perfect smile..his chocolate  brown bright  eyes..his tattoos(oh god!)..Everything about him makes me go crazy.EVERYTHING. At least..i can still listen to his voice everymorning..it’s like i’m talking to him..but he can’t hear me..Which sometimes is great!


„Now it’s time for More Than This..performed by One Direction..i know..you love us! I do love us too..and i love you too guys!”


I’m wondering..how’s like to talk alone in a room full of microphones and weird colorful things. Well..i know how’s like to talk alone..i do it everyday..


„Okay..now i’m gonna ask you something. Do you love someone?If your answer is yes..then go and tell her or him! Don’t be like me..I lost a lot of chances that she gave to me..But maybe you can still make things right! Now i want to play her favourite song..Echo by Jason Walker. Enjoy buddies!”


This can’t be possible.He’s talking about me? Maybe not..Jason Walker’s song might be the favourite song of a lot of  girls in this town..city..country..So i don’t think it’s about me here..




I was out with my best friend..i told her about what Zayn said..and i also told her that i’m sure he wasn’t talking about me.


„You’re totally wrong. How do you know that? I’m pretty sure that he was talking about you!”

„How can you be so sure?”i asked her confused because she’s the oprimistic type..and i’m not.

„Trust me. You’ll see. I have a feeling that i’m right.”



After that..she went home..and i wanted to go home too. I saw his car in front of his house..I smiled..but i continued to walk.


„Hey Sonia!” someone called me.

„Hey!”i said after i saw who called me.

„How are you?”

„I’m good Zayn,how are you?”

„I’m great. Hey..did you like my today show?”

„Of course i liked it!”

„And you liked the song too,right?”

„So..it was for me..?”

„Yes. I really wanted to say that earlier..but…”

„Hey..it’s okay. I wanted to say this too…”



I was standing there..looking at him. He was smiling..What i’m gonna do?What i have to do now?I don’t know..but it looks like Zayn knows what to do..

He leaned slowly to my face..and then our lips met. His sweet soft lips were so warm. I answerd to his kiss with another,and after that i hugged him . Actually..i gave him the best hug ever made..just in my opinion..


„I love you Sonia..”

„I love you too ,Zayn!”



Hope you liked it! 🙂

Bianca 🙂 xx              

Liam Imagine for Modii :)

You and Liam are old friends,actually best friends..You know the other lads,you go out with them,they also invite you to some of their concerts. You’re very happy with your life,but you love Liam more than a friend..And you don’t know how to tell him that. Niall knows about your feeling for him and he always gives you advices..he’s like your older brother. All of them are like your family..but Niall knows how to talk to you..


„You know you have to tell him..”

„I know..but i don’t want to ruin our friendship!”

„I understand that..But what if he likes you too?”

„I guess…i really have to tell him..”

„That’s what i was thinking about..But not now.. „

„Okay..when?”i asked him confused.


After that,Liam appeared and gave me a big hug.He was smiling ..


„Hey..Modi! It’s a concert soon in Liverpool..do you wanna come?”

„How can you ask me that?!Of course i want !”

„Great! I have a surprise for you there..”


You looked at Niall..he winked and then he went to take a cookie . You can’t stop smiling and dreaming about what’s going to happen there..






You’re getting off the car and Paul gets you to the first row. Everybody’s looking at you..some girls are screaming,but you don’t give them attention..


„Here’s your seat,Modii. Have fun tonight,okay?”Paul asked you.

„Yeap.Thanks Paul!”


Soon,the concert starts..You’re looking at the lads,they say hi..they thank the fans for coming,and after that they start to sing „I want”..

You sing with them,you smile,you jump and laugh and actually..you’re really having fun .

The boys finished the song..and they started to check the tweets..You laugh over them because they started to dance on Macarena..Liam’s doing some handstandings ..and you can’t stop laughing because he’s looking at you with a funny face.

After that,they said that they are gonna sing What Makes You Beautiful..But Liam stops talking..he goes straight to Paul and he asks him something. You’re confused..you don’t know what’s going on..


„I can’t sing this ..without a beautiful and lovely girl ..here,with me. So i’m gonna ask Modii to come here,with me.”

„Me?”you scream but just you heard what you yelled,because it’s to much noise.


„Yeah,Modii. I wanted to say this a long time ago..but i was afraid..Now i’m not. I love you Modii. I really do love you..and i want you to ask something..Do you wanna be my girlfriend?”


Paul cleans your way..and you start to run towards the stage. You jump up there and you go straight to Liam..to kiss him. His lips are so soft and you don’t want to let go of him..But you have to..

You step back and look at him..


„I’ll take this as an Yes..”

The crowd is screaming ,the girls are happy for Liam and you..maybe they are jealous..but you don’t care. Liam is everything you ever wanted..And now you too are together..


Best happy ever after in your life..You two became a loved couple..A famous loved couple..and nobody can break the love between you two.


                                                                    The end.


Hope you liked it 🙂


Ana 🙂 xx