3 VMA’s for our INCREDIBLE boys :) Congrats @onedirection !

Soo..last night i watched the VMA’s . I saw Katy Perry,Taylor Swift,Drake,Rihanna and other big artists. The best part of the show was..well..i have 3 fave parts..1.The boys won at the most share-worthy video 🙂 2.The boys performed One Thing(and it was absolutely amazing!!) aand 3.The boys won The best pop Video and the best new artist 😀 *eeeeep*

They were shaking..they were nervous.. They truly deserve all the rewards they have and they’ll get in time 🙂 They did it.


And i want to than them a lot for dedicating the awards to us. It means a lot.Really. You guys made me,us (Every single Directioner) proud like hell last night! And not just last night..you’re making us proud every single day!

Congrats boys! I’m so happy for you 🙂


                                                                              With loveeeeee,                        

                                                                              Ana 🙂 xx          


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