Romania Needs 1D :) Massive thank you to everysingle Directioner! :)

Last night „Romania Needs 1D” was in the world wide trends for like 3 or 4 hours thanks to our lovely Directioners from everywhere. I really want to thank you all because you helped us. It really means a lot ! And now we can hope that the lads will come in Romania too .. 🙂 And dear 1D family..everytime you need something..and you need the romanian directioners to help you,you can count on us 🙂 Because we know we can count on you 🙂 That’s a family. We are a family!


And even if the boys will not come here,in Romania, or in your country..We still have each other.. 🙂 And we’ll hope that someday they will notice us.. 🙂


A massive thank you to everysingle one of you!I love you so so so so much!


Ana 🙂 xx                       


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