Zayn Imagine for Sonia :)

I woke up early in the morning like always ,i went downstairs to grab something to eat and then i went back into my room . I opened my computer and i turned on my radio because my favourite radio show is about to begin. I moved the furniture a little bit ..cause i’m gonna start jumping and singing when he’ll start the show!

And it’s starting.

„Good morning,buddies!Here’s DJ Malik,just for you guys. Today we’re gonna stop on the –emotions-and-love- theme. Yeah..i know it’s a bit strange after the Star Trek theme that was yesterday..But’s it’s time to be ..more sensitive.”


I heard him laghing. I truly love his laugh..

It’s amazing..cause we’re neighbors since..i was born. We started to talk last summer..and we still talk..But we’re not texting everynight,or calling each other everyday..We’re just like „Hi” „Hey” „How are you?” „Good..sorry but i have to go..””Okay bye”..Ridiculous.


But..i still like him.His large and perfect smile..his chocolate  brown bright  eyes..his tattoos(oh god!)..Everything about him makes me go crazy.EVERYTHING. At least..i can still listen to his voice’s like i’m talking to him..but he can’t hear me..Which sometimes is great!


„Now it’s time for More Than This..performed by One Direction..i love us! I do love us too..and i love you too guys!”


I’m’s like to talk alone in a room full of microphones and weird colorful things. Well..i know how’s like to talk alone..i do it everyday..


„ i’m gonna ask you something. Do you love someone?If your answer is yes..then go and tell her or him! Don’t be like me..I lost a lot of chances that she gave to me..But maybe you can still make things right! Now i want to play her favourite song..Echo by Jason Walker. Enjoy buddies!”


This can’t be possible.He’s talking about me? Maybe not..Jason Walker’s song might be the favourite song of a lot of  girls in this i don’t think it’s about me here..




I was out with my best friend..i told her about what Zayn said..and i also told her that i’m sure he wasn’t talking about me.


„You’re totally wrong. How do you know that? I’m pretty sure that he was talking about you!”

„How can you be so sure?”i asked her confused because she’s the oprimistic type..and i’m not.

„Trust me. You’ll see. I have a feeling that i’m right.”



After that..she went home..and i wanted to go home too. I saw his car in front of his house..I smiled..but i continued to walk.


„Hey Sonia!” someone called me.

„Hey!”i said after i saw who called me.

„How are you?”

„I’m good Zayn,how are you?”

„I’m great. Hey..did you like my today show?”

„Of course i liked it!”

„And you liked the song too,right?”

„ was for me..?”

„Yes. I really wanted to say that earlier..but…”

„’s okay. I wanted to say this too…”



I was standing there..looking at him. He was smiling..What i’m gonna do?What i have to do now?I don’t know..but it looks like Zayn knows what to do..

He leaned slowly to my face..and then our lips met. His sweet soft lips were so warm. I answerd to his kiss with another,and after that i hugged him . Actually..i gave him the best hug ever made..just in my opinion..


„I love you Sonia..”

„I love you too ,Zayn!”



Hope you liked it! 🙂

Bianca 🙂 xx              


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