Liam Imagine for Modii :)

You and Liam are old friends,actually best friends..You know the other lads,you go out with them,they also invite you to some of their concerts. You’re very happy with your life,but you love Liam more than a friend..And you don’t know how to tell him that. Niall knows about your feeling for him and he always gives you advices..he’s like your older brother. All of them are like your family..but Niall knows how to talk to you..


„You know you have to tell him..”

„I know..but i don’t want to ruin our friendship!”

„I understand that..But what if he likes you too?”

„I guess…i really have to tell him..”

„That’s what i was thinking about..But not now.. „

„Okay..when?”i asked him confused.


After that,Liam appeared and gave me a big hug.He was smiling ..


„Hey..Modi! It’s a concert soon in you wanna come?”

„How can you ask me that?!Of course i want !”

„Great! I have a surprise for you there..”


You looked at Niall..he winked and then he went to take a cookie . You can’t stop smiling and dreaming about what’s going to happen there..






You’re getting off the car and Paul gets you to the first row. Everybody’s looking at you..some girls are screaming,but you don’t give them attention..


„Here’s your seat,Modii. Have fun tonight,okay?”Paul asked you.

„Yeap.Thanks Paul!”


Soon,the concert starts..You’re looking at the lads,they say hi..they thank the fans for coming,and after that they start to sing „I want”..

You sing with them,you smile,you jump and laugh and’re really having fun .

The boys finished the song..and they started to check the tweets..You laugh over them because they started to dance on Macarena..Liam’s doing some handstandings ..and you can’t stop laughing because he’s looking at you with a funny face.

After that,they said that they are gonna sing What Makes You Beautiful..But Liam stops talking..he goes straight to Paul and he asks him something. You’re don’t know what’s going on..


„I can’t sing this ..without a beautiful and lovely girl,with me. So i’m gonna ask Modii to come here,with me.”

„Me?”you scream but just you heard what you yelled,because it’s to much noise.


„Yeah,Modii. I wanted to say this a long time ago..but i was afraid..Now i’m not. I love you Modii. I really do love you..and i want you to ask something..Do you wanna be my girlfriend?”


Paul cleans your way..and you start to run towards the stage. You jump up there and you go straight to kiss him. His lips are so soft and you don’t want to let go of him..But you have to..

You step back and look at him..


„I’ll take this as an Yes..”

The crowd is screaming ,the girls are happy for Liam and you..maybe they are jealous..but you don’t care. Liam is everything you ever wanted..And now you too are together..


Best happy ever after in your life..You two became a loved couple..A famous loved couple..and nobody can break the love between you two.


                                                                    The end.


Hope you liked it 🙂


Ana 🙂 xx


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