How to become famous?Simple.Be YOU. :)

This morning i was looking over some articles on other sites..And i found : how to become famous?

Crap! Seriously! They said there that you have to make plastic surgery,to act weirdly and run naked on the streets..Who does that?I mean really..

No.The thing is..if you want to be something that you like and that shows people who you really are! Just like the boys..One Direction..first it was a they are big..they are living their dream! They are the alive example for beliving in what you want! 🙂 Don’t listen to crappy people who says „You have to be someone else to become famous and loved” <–Fake! You have to be..YOU. You can’t make everybody likes you..but at’re not fake like other people.


I know this has nothing to do with One Direction..but i wanted to say this. 🙂 I’ll try to make a video with case you wanna laugh or something haha:D No..really..a video with advices and funny things..:)


And i’m still working on your imagines 🙂 But i lost some of my imagination! I’m trying to get it back to continue the imagines 🙂

Have a nice day and thanks for reading this:)


Ana 🙂 xx                              


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