Zayn imagine for Marianne :)

I’ve got a great plan..This morning i’m gonna wake up earlier just to make the cake,after that i’m gonna check the invitations and then the evening..Well..the evening will be great!


The day just began,and i was in the kitchen with my best friend Lara,cooking and having a laugh because we can’t do something without involving a little fight..This time was a food fight..or maybe a cake fight?Anyway..The cake will be amazing and delicious because i made it with love !

I arranged some letters on it,but i created a nice,red „I love you”  just for him.



After Lara and I finished the cake,i took the phone and i started to make invitations to my big surprise party for Zayn. What is so special about this party? it’s officialy our first anniversary year together.One happy year with Zayn.And i love him so much!I’m sure he loves me too..but i really can’t explain how i feel for him..Everytime we kiss,i still feel butterflies  in my stomach like it’s the first time we kiss. I still blush when he looks at me or when he sings for me. I don’t really know how to survive without him..he’s my everything..


I finished the ring-ring-come-to-my-surprise-party-for-zayn activity and i started to check the decorations. After 20 minutes ,Hannah,another bestfriend of mine apperard with a guilty,sad look on her face..


„What happend,Han?”i asked her confused.

„I’m so sorry..i didn’t wanted this to happen!Please..don’t get mad at me Marianne!Pleasee!”

„What?What happend?Just tell me! I won’t get mad..i promise!”

„I can’t’s too bad..please..come and see!”Hannah said and then she showed me the back yard.



I went there..and i was very surprised to find there..all the persons i called and invited to this party..and Zayn. Zayn was standing in the middle of the crowd..With a microphone in his hand,he started to sing to me.Tears were streaming down my face..I started to smile.I was standing there,looking at my boyfriend..being happy cause he’s mine..and i’m his. After he finished the song..he came straight to me,he hugged me,he kissed me over and over again..and then he whispered in my ear ..:

„I love you ,Marianne!”


Hope you liked it. I asked Ana to let me do this for you ‘cause i like Zayn too..and i thought you’d like my ideas:)

                   Bianca  🙂 xx                                                        


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