Harry imagine for Madie :)

You just moved to Holmes Chapel with your parents. Your mom got a new job there and she wanted you and our dad to be with her because it’s important .

You start to unpack your things,alone in the house,because you’re parents are working and you’re still in the summer holiday. Suddenly,the door-bell rings. You go down stairs to see who’s outside your door and you find Harry Styles,with a big apple pie in his hands,smiling at you.


„Welcome to our neighborhood!I’m Harry and i live across the street.And you are?”he asked with a sweet,charming voice.

„I’m..I’m Madie! It’s nice to meet you,Harry! Just so you know..i’m a big fan.” You said and after that you winked.

„Haha..i thought you might be a fan..But you’re a silent one.Glad you haven’t fainted.”

„I don’t want to make you drop that apple pie..Come in..Do you want a cup of tea?”

„Yes,thank you!”

After that you stayed in the kitchen with him,drinkin’ tea and laughing. You told him about you,and he told you things that you didn’t know. You were very happy.You couldn’t belive now you’re friend with Harry Styles..with your crush. He looked at the clock and said that it’s time for him to go because tomorrow he has to be awake very early in the morning. You hug him and then he walk away to his house. Before he enter the house,he wave at you with a big smile on his face.You start to jump around,to sing and laugh and smile.You can’t belive it! It wasn’t a bad idea to move here..


After some time..you become good friend with Harry and the boys. They totally likes you and consider you a part of their group. Also..they found out really quick about your feelings for Harry..and they can’t stop winking at you and smiling whenever you two are close.

Harry confessed his love about you..his affection.He said to the lads that everytime you’re around him..he forgets everything and he starts to act like a dumb person. He truly loves you and wants to be with you,but he also doesn’t want to break the friendship with you. He’s confused..and sometimes sad..cause he doesn’t know what to do.

You are alone with him in the house.. You’re still unpacking some new stuff that arrived from your old house and you have to put those things in the garage.Harry helps you to carry them..the key is outside and the wind starts to blow..the garage door closed noisily and you two are stucked there until your parents arrive..because you two left your phones on the couch.

„I guess we’re stucked here..”

„Yeap..”you said with a bored voice.

„Hey..what’s wrong?”he asked you with a worried look.

„Nothing..i wanted to say something..but i guess it’s not a good question..”

„Ask me everything you want..”


„Of course.Go on..ask me!”he said while smiling.

„Okay..Harry..i was always wondering..how do you feel about me?”

„You’re my best friend..i love you of course”

„Just..because i’m your bestfriend..?”you asked and you can barely hold your tears because you love him more than a friend.

„Why do you ask? I mean..i wanted to ask you something as well..and now..if i see you like that..i guess it’s time to ask because i might lose this chance..”

„What?”you ask him wiping your tears.

„Madi..i..i really love you..and not just like a friend.I really do love you! And here comes my question..do you love me?More tham a friend..”

You look at him..your tears stops to fall..you’re just standing there,on the garage floor,next to him..staring at him..

„I was afraid to tell you..i didn’t want to ruin our friendship..”

You can’t resist and you get closer to his face..and you made your lips meet his. You two are kissing now ..just like in movies. You always wanted to do that..and now it’s time..

He moves his arms around your back ..and you move yours through his curly,soft hair.You step back after this kiss..just to look at his face. He’s overwhelmed,he’s smiling..he’s happy .


After that moment..you two became a couple..a lovely,known and loved couple. Nobody can break you strong relationship..because you two love eachother too much to let someone break the thing you have.

Hope you liked it 🙂

                                   Ana 🙂 xx


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