Once upon a time..There was 5 boys.. Niall,Liam,Zayn,Harry and Louis.. Great boys,sweet voices..On 23th of July 2010 was born..One Direction.. The X-Factor wasn’t won by them..even if they were totally amazing..But they won our hearts..


Then..they become HUGE! The band of the moment..The great amazing funny band One Direction.. In 2011 appeared What Makes You Beautiful..It’s still a big tune..great music..amazing voices..cute guys..  We love them to the moon and back..!!


And now..on 23th of July 2012..it’s the second anniversary of One Direction.  Two years of hope and dreams..Two years that made us belive in our dreams..because we cand make them true..Just like the boys.. 🙂

This year..the boys won at  Brit Awards 2012..at  KCA’s 2012..at Teen Choice Awards 2012..more and more..(I wanted to say the important..very important events).

Thank you boys for everything!For making us smile everyday..for making us laugh also everyday..Thank you again for everything..You guys deserve the best in this world!

Happy Birthday One Direction!


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