I’m not sure that Niall or Niall’s dad will see this,but i’ll do it anyway because that’s what i want.


Mr.Horan,I wish you a very happy birthday! I’m sure all your dreams will come true soon and i’m sure you’re very proud of your son 🙂 I’m sure about a thing..or maybe more things..but this is the important one..:

Your son loves you,very much 🙂 And your son brings you more love..from us..The 1D family..I know..it’s not the same,powerful love..but we try 🙂 And we wish you the best in this world 🙂

Happy Birthday Bobby Horan!


Life is nothing without our parents .. without family.. 🙂

                                                                                Ana,Bianca,Nagi 🙂



2 gânduri despre „HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR.HORAN! :)

    • Hey,thank you so much!
      It’s really sweet,but i’m sad to inform you that Bianca and I no longer update stuff here because of our lack of time. We kinda stopped a while ago. I’m sorry 😦 However,i’m still in holiday and if you want,i can write you an imagine with whoever you want. Just ask 🙂

      Ana xx

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