Dear Bianca ( or your name),

Last night I dreamt something I will never forget. We were in a place that was really far away from reality. We were staying in a tree, a big one, looking at some red stars, when I saw a flower flying like a bird, just in front of us. At first, I was amazed, and just for a second I looked at you. You were smiling at that creature.

Soon, the flower came closer and I was able to see her and to touch her. You didn’t let me. You told me that that flower was a sign of our love for each other. I didn’t understand, but suddenly, I felt easier. I looked in your eyes again and – I don’t know how –  I saw our future. Yes. Is true. Our future was in your eyes and that made me belive again in what a true love story mean.

I am sorry for hurting you but I can’t keep this pain inside of me anymore. O love you. I want you back. Please, don’t understand me wrong. I want you back because you’re the only one who can make me wear like the real me, not like the one who anyone can see.

Please, give me one more chance…

I love you!

Zayn Malik

(or one  of the others members of One Direction)


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