I just found out that..There’s a posibility ..maybe a little one,but if we pray for it..I’m sure it will come true!

Harry said yesterday that he took a look over a list with dates and places for concerts in  2013 in Europe.We,dear Romainan Directioners..and not just Romanian ones..Everybody from Europe..WE HAVE A CHANCE TO MEET THEM! We have a chance to see them in a live concert! It’s amazing!I’m so excited! I sure you are too!

So,if you want to see them in your country..tweet them #(YourCountry)Wants1DConcert and help the other Directioners , ‘cause we are #1Dfamily..and Directioners help Directioners,right?

Please. Tweet,Retweet and help the others !

                              Thank you sooo much for your help:)


-June xxo


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