„So close!” – June :) xx

It’s Valentines day but you are on your own because your boyfriend Zayn has been on tour for over 4 months and you are missing him like hell. You had no calls from him, no texts messages, no skype calls, not anything, you start to wonder is there any point of going out with him anymore, maybe he has found somebody new, maybe a model or something. You go up to your bedroom and shut the door and lock it, no one is home so nobody will wonder, you lay on your bed thinking should you call him or just let time take its toll. You pick up your phone and dial Zayn’s number, the phone is shaking in your hand, you hope you don’t regret the next words you say or do you say anything at all.

‘Hey gorgeous’ Zayn says in a cheerful voice. Theres a silence between you two. ‘Is there something wrong babe?’ Zayn says curiously, you have to speak sometime, so you do, ‘Yea, about us………….i think we should end it’ You say with tears filling up in your eyes, after you say them words you hear Zayn beginning to sniffle and the background noise on Zayn’s side goes quiet. ‘Wait Why?!-…’ Zayn begins but you cut him off by saying ‘I have to go now bye!’. Thats it all done. You sit in your room in silence, crying your eyes out you just ignore all the texts that you get from the rest of the boys saying how much Zayn is crying and how he wants to know what he’s done wrong, you have no one to run to now, the damage is done.

You go down stairs to the kitchen to find something to eat and walk back into the living room and turn the TV on, just to see if it takes your mind off things, there’s nothing on which makes things even worse, you lay on the sofa with mascara running down your face, with your hair everywhere, you then decide to go up to the bathroom and tidy yourself up, but then you think whats the point. You finally drift off to sleep on the sofa, you keep having flashbacks of the past day, which isn’t helping at all.

You hear a car pulling up outside but you don’t bother to get up to see who it is because you think it is your mum, you just close your eyes again. You hear the key going in and opening you see your mum at the door you sit up and talk to her like you normally do, she notices that you have been crying and she wants to know why, you tell her what has happened and she tells you that everything wil be okay, but you can’t believe her, you think the whole world will come to end.

You decide to have a early night, you get your pyjamas and just lay in bed thinking about many different things. You hear a banging noise coming from downstairs but you leave your mum to it, being the caring daugther that you are and drift off the sleep again even though thats all that you have done all day. What you don’t know is that Zayn is down stairs talking to your mum, Liam heard the conversation you and Zayn had and booked him a flight over from America so you could sort everything out he explains to your mum. Your mum even wants you together because she didn’t want to see you hurt. Your mum lets him go up to your bedroom. You suddenly hear the door creak open but you don’t bother doing anything, but you feel someone getting into your bed and snaking their arms around you. For some reason you feel safe and you only get that feeling with Zayn so you know its him you hear him whisper ‘What ever I did wrong I’m so sorry, I would never want to hurt you please forgive me I love you’ Zayn says with tears falling from his eyes and they are falling on to your cheeks. ‘I love you too, you turn around and look at him and you go to sleep together.


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